Saturday, December 23, 2006

Trivial Pusuit -- New Rules

As usual, I had a very enjoyable evening last night with The Iwanskis (i.e. John and Miss Healthypants).

We had all played Trivial Pursuit together before. Last time, John blew us all away. He's definitely THE most smartest guy ever to walk this planet. While playing Trivial Pursuit, the guy answers every question, fills up his pie, scoots to the middle and wins with the rest of us in the dust.

I'm a smart guy. I know everything. But Iwanski leaves me agog while playing this game.

So, Miss Healthypants and I changed the rules this time. And we've definitely developed a much more entertaining way of playing Trivial Pursuit.

Here are our new rules:

Whenever anyone answers anything correctly, they have to supply an anecdote, a little life story that supplants their answer; some little story from their past that corresponds to the subject (science, geography, arts, history, entertainment, etc)

If their story is really significant or entertaining, then they get an extra "pie". If it's really lame, then they have to re-play the die.

Obtaining the little colored pies can really become fun and completely subjective:

During the game, there are TONS of "pie" allusions and it really becomes hilarious. I can't begin to remember them all.
1. I told a significant story again and was able to "re-pie"
2. John impressed us all with a scientific analogy that tied in with a previous story. He "im-pied pi"
3. A really lame attempt at supplying pie can result in being "un-pied"
3. I re-told a story and, thus, I had to de-pie my pie.
4. John almost made me and Miss Healthypants cry at the same time with a touching story. We agreed to double-pie him.

Double-ie-ing, re-pie-ing, and de-pie-ing become completely subjective rules, but make sense and fill the pies with all sorts of colors really fast. I wholly support the new rules.

Your thoughts?


At 1:58 PM , Anonymous Miss Healthypants :) said...

You forgot "pie-ectomy" and "pie whore"--you big ole' pie whore!!!! *LOL*


MHP :)

At 9:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would so love to play by the new rules. I heartily applaud them. Also, I'm hungry for pie.


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