Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Little Bitty Home Town

While in Texas, I took a drive to visit my Little Bitty Home Town, pop. 1,900. It sure brought back some fond memories.

My grandparents owned the local dry-cleaning store and I worked there beginning at age 11. It was un-air conditioned. Seeing that the front doors were open, it looks like it still is:

During high school, I worked at the local bank part time. My little un-air conditioned office was up on the second floor in the corner.

I spent many an hour up there, posting checks to people's accounts. Nary a computer in sight. It was all done manually.

Here's the house where we lived:

Now for a really fun memory. . . When I was really little, my grandmother used to take my brother and me down to the edge of the San Antonio River. It was a place where a bridge used to be and had long been washed away. However, by the time I was about eight or nine years old, the little road that went down to the river had become grown over with trees and brush and was no longer accessible.

But now, it's been cleared away and there's a sidewalk down to the same spot on the river we used to go to. (The sidewalk is to let canoe travelers access the river)

I scurried down there - - and there it was! The same exact spot my grandmother used to take me as a child. The stumps from the old bridge were still there.

The thing was, I used to think that this river was SO deep and swift and frightening. My goodness, one can easily wade across it.

But here it is. You can almost hear the laughter of my grandmother and two little boys:

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At 12:15 PM , Blogger Mom said...

I love trips down memory lane.

At 6:54 PM , Blogger William V. Madison said...

Golly, the river is really low! It shows you what too much drought can do -- the river was deeper and scarier when we were kids. But I wouldn't wade across it, even now: isn't it supposed to be teeming with water moccasins? (Or maybe that's something my mom told us, to keep us from diving in!)

And oh, how I miss seeing your grandmother behind her counter every time I walk around the Square!


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