Monday, February 28, 2011

The Oscars

Apparently, there was some type of event on TV yesterday called, “The Oscars.”

I posted on Facebook that I had absolutely no idea what “the Oscars” were and, the thing is, I was being totally serious.

I’ve heard of the Tony Awards and the Academy Awards (I don’t know what they are either). I think the Grammy Awards are for music, but then, it seems lots of Rap people get Grammy Awards – so one can hardly say that Grammy Awards are really for music.

Well, after looking up “The Oscars” on Wikipedia, it turns out that they are the same thing as the Academy Awards. Why do they have two different names? Anyway, it’s an award one obtains for making movies.

It’s not surprising that I didn’t know what they were because
(1) I have a complete inability to remember names of things,
(2) I very rarely watch movies
(3) the idea of celebrities taking themselves that seriously is . . . well . . .
. . . stupid.

Miss Healthypants teases me because about the only movies I seem to enjoy are the ones where nothing actually happens. Here are some breathtaking examples:

My Life as a Dog

Babette’s Feast

THX 1138

Stranger Than Paradise

Parting Glances

Getting it Right

I’ve probably watched those films at least ten times each. They’re brilliant. If you ever find yourself in a melancholic mood with nothing to do or to look forward to, there’s your must-see viewing list.

I seriously doubt any of them had anything to do with that Oscar broadcast-thing.

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