Monday, November 23, 2009

Laundry Detergent Update

I haven’t been this excited in a long time.


Because my latest endeavor to make my own low-suds laundry detergent has been met with astounding success. I am one excited puppy, I tell you. Now that I have successfully foiled the Evil Laundry Detergent Capitalists, I can now enter the holiday season with unabated and unalloyed pleasure.

If you may recall, I found out on the internet that one can make low-suds laundry detergent this way: Mix together ½ cup of Arm & Hammer Washing Soda

½ cup of Borax Laundry Booster,

and shave in one bar of soap. Mix together and use just one tablespoon of the mixture in each load of laundry.

The website where I found out about this said that the washing soda and the borax could easily be found in any supermarket. I didn’t think that my little overpriced downtown supermarket would have this stuff – it barely has things like “fruit” -- so I ordered it online.

It took forever for the washing soda and borax to arrive. Finally, the borax got here but the washing soda had been held up and by the weekend it had not arrived. (The Evil Laundry Detergent Capitalists probably found out what I was up to.)

I was exceedingly disappointed. I had been looking forward to making my own detergent this weekend.

Anyway, after church on Sunday, I stopped by the little supermarket and, just for grins, decided to look in the Evil Laundry Detergent Section on Aisle 3.

And there it was – Borax and Washing Soda.

I couldn’t believe it. I had been checking my mail everyday all week long, tracking the shipping online, and all this time my little market four blocks away had what I needed.

Much loud cursing was heard from Aisle 3.

I called a friend of mine right then just to vent my frustration over this development. Like a good friend, she listened to me rant.

Not wanting to wait another single day for the washing soda, I bought it and headed home to make my laundry detergent.

I made several batches.

After a couple of times, I had perfected the technique (it came out perfectly) and -- are you ready for this? -- I will post this procedure tomorrow, complete with step-by-step photographs!
Oh my goodness, aren’t you excited? Will you be able to wait that long?

Just for fun, I did two loads of laundry and now my underpants smell like Old Spice Sport Scent. (I'm wearing them right now as you read this.)
In my earlier post, I did the arithmetic and figured that by using this formula, each load of laundry costs only 23 cents per load.
But I did the math incorrectly - - it comes to 2.3 cents per load; not 23.
Two cents per load!

It’s been a long time since I’ve had this much fun.

I either lead a very mundane life or I get exceedingly excited about strange things.

I’ll go with the latter.



At 12:02 AM , Blogger Miss Healthypants said...

I couldn't believe that it was actually a little bit interesting to watch--but just a little bit!! *grin*


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