Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Morning Scene - Carbide and Carbon Building

The Carbide and Carbon Building at 230 N. Michigan Avenue is the epitome of art deco style. Built in 1929, its 37 stories rise 503 feet tall and became a Chicago Landmark in 1996.

Originally designed for office space, it was converted into the Hard Rock Hotel in 2004.

It’s polished black granite exterior and gold leaf top were meant to resemble a champagne bottle.

I really love these buildings from the Jazz Age that dot downtown Chicago.

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At 12:25 PM , Blogger Kimberly Ann said...

Love the Art Deco, love the building. It's like something out of an Erte illustration.

At 7:40 PM , Blogger QuotidianEditorialist said...

That reminds me very much of one of my favorite buildings near Bryant Park. In fact it is the building where they torched the Staypuft Marshmallow Man. Aw...

The best style of architecture IMHO. Thanks for sharing. :)

At 11:54 PM , Blogger MaryRuth said...

The last time I was in Chicago they were re-furbing this building.....thanks for letting me see it completed!


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