Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I think I might be turning into a vegetarian. Or vegan, for that matter.

I recently came across this video called “From Farm to Fridge” that shows, in graphic detail, the cruel way animals are treated in the food industry.

It’s pretty unbelievable.

When you watch it, try substituting the cow or the pig with you most beloved pet. That’s what “did it” for me.

I know I’m sounding like a tree-hugging, Earth-Mother, New Age salad-head, but this really did a number on me.

So, this past weekend, I went to Whole Foods Market and stocked up on all sorts of tree-hugging, Earth-Mother, New Age salad-head food items.

Three pounds of tofu
Two half-gallons of soy milk
Three blocks of tempeh in assorted flavors.
Big bag of organic carrots
Two pounds of garbanzo beans
Three pounds of basmati brown rice
One jar of brown rice syrup
One half pound of flax seeds
One jar of Vegenaise, eggless mayonnaise.
Two quarts of vanilla soy yogurt
One box of Girl Scout cookies. (Okay, that wasn’t at Whole Foods, but they were selling them in the lobby of my building. And who can pass up a box of Do-Si-Dos?)

You know what? I was pretty amazed at how good the Vegenaise was. Actually, I like it much better than any other mayo I’ve ever had.

The tempeh is great if you fry it long enough. And add soy sauce. And a little brown rice syrup.

I’ve never liked milk anyway and have always preferred soy milk. Even when I was a baby, apparently.

I’ve tried soy cheese before and, I’m sorry, but that stuff is wayyy wrong.

For the past five days, I’ve rather enjoyed this totally vegetarian thing. At least, it's a healthy thing to do.

Well, I have to be honest, I did try the jellyfish appetizer at Lao Sze Chuan on Sunday.
Oh, and I had three shrimp there as well.
Other than that, I’ve been totally vegan.

But jellyfish and shrimp aren’t really meat-meat. They’re sort of "vegetables that grow in the sea."

I don’t know how long I’ll keep this up. If I’m invited to someone’s house and they serve chicken, I’m not going to be a nasty guest and refuse their graciousness. That’s silly.

Watch the video and let me know what you think.

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At 6:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another thing I learned from being Catholic: Fish is not meat. Which is why you can eat it on Friday's.

At 2:42 PM , Blogger Lorraine said...

I am coming over there right now with a giant plate of fajitas.


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