Monday, January 07, 2008

Misc. . .

I can’t think of anything really funny or profound to write, so I’m just going to ramble about the little things taking place at Chez Buck.

I was tired from returning to work after the holidays so I went to bed early on Friday. I awoke at 7:30 Saturday morning and, literally, laid on the couch watching TV and eating bon-bons (thanks, Liane – hi!wave).

Then, I went to sleep around 11:00 am and slept until 2:30. Nice nap. Made a big pot of chicken korma, thanks to the wonderful korma sauce that comes in a jar from Trader Joe’s. That stuff rocks my world.

I tried working on the tutorials to this new music program that I paid a lot of money for. If I ever learn to work it, I can compose and produce lots of music that can be published on iTunes and I’ll be rich and famous.

Mainly, I just stared at it for a while and returned to the bon-bons. (Note to self: Become rich and famous. THEN you can eat bon-bons).

My gym membership that I cancelled last month finally expired. Now I no longer feel any guilt at all for not going. I will be getting some exercise, though. I signed up for ice skating lessons which begin this week. Intermediate level, baybeee.

I really need to exercise. It’s pretty bad when you get winded just lacing up the skates.

While eating my chicken korma, I watched Psycho on TV. The 1960’s version. God that’s a good movie. Then, while playing on the internets, I found this really cool Psycho shower curtain. You can order it here.

I’m getting really pissed off at that new series called “Monster Quest.” On each episode, they lure you in by saying they’ve got new scientific evidence on Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, the Skunk Ape and the like. You watch the entire episode and then, at the very end, their scientific evidence turns out to be inconclusive.

God, that makes me mad.

On Sunday, I went out with Jack and Steve, Richard and Karen to Lao Sze Chuan. Richard and Karen hadn’t been there before but Richard said, “I think we’ve found a new favorite restaurant.” (Richard and Karen; no their last name isn’t Carpenter, but I do have other friends named Dan and Karen Carpenter.)

Jack and Steve will be attending the Mac Expo in San Francisco next week (the "Geek-Fest"), so I’ll be baby-sitting Portia for five days. We’ll have a grand time.

I bet she likes chicken korma, too.



At 6:02 PM , Blogger Lorraine said...

TJ's korma sauce is da bomb.

And you need to email The Spouse.

At 6:02 PM , Blogger Lorraine said...

That sounded ominous. You just need to talk about music.


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