Thursday, July 14, 2011

Garanimals for Men

Recently, I was describing to my dear friend, Speck, what I wear to work, namely, that I only wear light blue shirts. I have a number of the same exact light blue, button-down shirts. Some guys only wear white shirts; I only wear light blue ones.

I went on to explain that I mix-and-match these with either black, gray, or navy slacks and a selection of ties.  (Navy Dockers come out for Casual Fridays.)

“So, basically, you wear Garanimals,” she said.

Well, yes, I guess I do; the adult version. It keeps things simple. I’d be happy if we had uniforms to wear.

That got me to thinking. . .

I’m sure there are lots of other guys like me who don’t like to put a lot of thought into their work clothing. I should start a whole line of Garanimal-type business attire for men. It would be high quality, durable, long-lasting clothing that one can mix-and-match without a care in the world.

After all, why should little kids get all the breaks?



At 2:46 PM , Blogger Speck said...

I laughed at first, but realized Garanimals for Men is a fabulous idea. It needs to include accessories too: belts, shoes and socks. Oh! and sweater vests! If you design the clothes, I'll design the hang tags!

At 10:56 AM , Blogger Fleeter said...

Not having to worry about what to wear was something I really liked about working at the Sheriff's Dept. Uniforms are easy. I just had to remember to pin on my badge, nameplate, rank, load the pockets (pen, notebook, aspiren, etc) and go!


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