Friday, July 22, 2011


It's been hot here in the Windy City. I mean, really hot.

For the past two days, we've hit 100 degrees. 
And it's not a "dry hot" either. No siree. 

It's humid and oppressive. It's hard to breathe. Stepping outside at 5 pm feels like walking into a rice cooker.
Honestly, I don't ever remember feeling heat like this even in Texas.

The strange thing is, less than two months ago, we were experiencing wind chills of 32 degrees in late May. Here is a run-down of the typical "five seasons" here in Chicago:

October, November, December, January February, March: Winter
April, May, June: "Almost Spring"
July 1: Spring
July - August: Summer
September: Autumn

I'm looking forward to October when our Winter season arrives.


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