Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My World is Rocked

Occasionally, I’ll come across a product that just rocks my world. My new “Travel Tow” is one such product.

For years, I’d been complaining to a friend of mine that the rolling-suitcase people don’t make the extending handles long enough for tall people. Every time I’m schlepping my rolling suitcase through airports, there I am tilted to the left because the handle isn’t long enough.

I hate that.

My friend is five-foot-three and she thought it was pretty audacious of me to complain about anything that doesn’t suit tall people.

So, she found this “Travel Tow” thingy, and like a good friend, had one sent to me.

It rocked my world.

Not only does it give the handle the much-desired extension, but it swivels and also pivots 360 degrees. It makes pulling a suitcase SO much easier. It attaches to any handle by means of two Velcro straps. Anyone of any size would enjoy it.

I also use it to pull my grocery cart behind me.

As I was wheeling my way through O’Hare from gate 1 to gate Z-412, I just knew everyone was watching me, envious of me and my cool Travel Tow on my suitcase.

Really, they were. I just knew it.

Here’s a website where you can get it for about eleven bucks. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I’m going to buy about ten of them.

My Christmas shopping?



At 11:00 PM , Blogger Iwanski said...

Ron Popeil.

At 12:25 PM , Blogger Lorraine said...

I'm so happy for you.

At 11:14 PM , Blogger sfoofie said...

I want one! ooh ooh! me me!

At 1:30 PM , Blogger Br. Jonathan said...

Sfoofie, I'll put you on my list. If you're a good girl this year.


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