Monday, February 18, 2008

The UFO Church

About three blocks from my apartment is the Seventeenth Church of Christ, Scientist. It's truly an unusual building, for it seems to resemble a UFO both inside and out. (Well, I've never seen the inside of a UFO, but who of you have seen the outside of one?)
Anyway. . .

You might know the denomination as the Christian Science church. It's the denomination known for its followers not taking medicine of any kind.

Actually, I grew up around several followers of Christian Science in my little bitty hometown in Texas. My Baptist grandmother's best friends were all followers of the faith. My piano teacher was as well and was also the organist at the local Christian Science church. So, whenever she needed a Sunday off, I would substitute there while I was growing up.

The fact that they don't take medicine of any kind is, actually, untrue. The fundamentalist followers of the faith are known for that and, like all fundamentalists, give any faith a bad name.

I've sort of been a closeted follower Christian Science. I've studied it quite a bit during seminary and a lot of its theology rings true for me. The teachings are all very logical: If "this" then "this" type of statements. On occasion, I'll go to Sunday services here. It also has a nice pipe organ, like God intended.

So, this windowless church is a perfect example of the Christian Science faith. No need for stained glass, windows, or external stimuli since "the mind and spirit" is truly what exists for them.

All Christian Science churches are simply numbered in each city -- never named after "physical" people or places.

I was walking by this church recently with the Iwanskis and there is the name of this church carved along the outside: Seventeenth Church of Christ, Scientist.

Iwanski, true to form, said that whenever he sees that name, he can't help but picture Jesus in a white lab coat, holding a beaker.
Love it!



At 1:09 PM , Blogger Lorraine said...

I nannied for some people who were Christian Scientists. I liked them a lot. I also had a caveat from them that if the kid needed medical attention on my watch I'd get it for him and they were down with that.

Also, Iwanski is funny.


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